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Client Testimonials

Devin Devasquez is a model, actress and author. Ronn Moss is a singer and musician for the rock band Player, and has portrayed the character of Ridge Forrester on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful since 1987.

We have used various accountants over the years, but were never quite satisfied with the services we were receiving. Then a neighbor of ours recommended that we use Mark Sherman and we decided to give him a try.Two years later we can say that he definitely is exceptional. Not only is he very knowledgeable about all the latest changes to the tax laws, but he is very personable.

Devin Devasquez and Ronn Moss

I run the real estate owned (REO) property department for Gavish Real Estate, selling more than 500 properties annually. I am a firm believer in the value of Las Vegas property and also own a property investment firm.

At any given time, I am managing more than 300 properties for banks and lenders - keeping the utilities hooked up, paying vendors, seeing that the landscaping and pools are maintained - in addition to the work involved in selling the properties. All those expenses are reimbursed by the property owners, but each financial institution has its own deadlines, and it is a constant challenge making sure they all get the right paperwork at the right time.

After trying out a few other accountants, three years ago I started using Mark Sherman and his company for all my business and personal accounting. Mark doesn’t just think like an accountant, he thinks like a businessman and knows how accounting decisions affect the rest of the business. I call him whenever I have a tax or investment question, knowing I will get sound advice. No matter how busy he is, I get my answer within a day.

There are always risks in running any sort of business, but you should never take risks on accounting or taxes. Mark went through an fixed earlier accounting mistakes that put me at serious risks and put failsafes in place so I wouldn't trigger an IRS audit.

A good accountant is worth his weight in gold. I used to switch accountants every year, but now I have found someone who I completely trust to do the job right.

Troy Kearns

I have been in the restoration business for 17 years and am certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification as a Master Water Restorer, the only person in Southern Nevada to hold such certification. Currently I own and manage two businesses: Summit Restoration, which restores buildings damaged by water, fire or mold, and Kept Swept, which cleans homes and businesses. With my training and experience, there is no problem delivering customers a high quality product with excellent customer service. We do quality work, keep our customers happy and help them put their lives back together after a loss caused by fire, water or mold.

A business partner introduced me to Mark Sherman when I opened Summit Restoration in 2005 and his help was key in getting the business up and running smoothly. For the first two years I was on the phone with him monthly, getting his advice on the tax implications of any actions I was planning to take. He also arranged for my office staff to take a training class on QuickBooks data entry and then taught them how to keep the books in order to make things easier from an accounting standpoint.

Mark is a very keen account-ant with a lot of business knowledge, and is very willing to pass on that business and accounting advice. Although he has some extremely large accounts, I never feel that I am too small to get his attention. He always calls me back personally, often within the hour, something that accountants don’t usually do.

So, if your building is water-damaged, call Summit; if you need your house cleaned call Kept Swept; and if you need a great accountant, call Mark Sherman. He is worth his weight in gold.

William Dellaechaie